Pictured below is a turnstile barrier gate inside a Paris Metro station with a locking barricade behind the rotating arms of the turnstile to prevent people jumping over the bars. Not to be confused with Réseau Express Régional. There is one free “delivery” option for buying Paris Visite online – pickup your Paris Visite at the Paris Visitor Bureau. Most Paris Metro fare gates will have a ticket slot on the front, some with a green arrow pointing towards it, indicating this fare gate is open and ready to accept magnetic stripe coupon-style tickets such as Paris Metro Ticket t+, Paris Visite, Ticket Mobilis, RER tickets, etc. Read more about the Navigo Decouverte card. 1. Keep in mind that if you buy Paris Metro tickets online from the Bureau, the Paris Metro tickets are not available for pickup at CDG Airport nor Orly Airport. If you find yourself inserting a ticket on your left, you’re opening the next gate over to your left, not the one you’re currently standing in. Delivery fees for online Paris Metro tickets to cities outside of Paris by DHL courier cost a minimum 14,50€ to 22€ for EU countries and 24€ for USA/Canada/Australia and other countries to which delivery is possible. Multi-day tickets aimed at tourists and visitors are known as the Paris Visite, available in 3 zone and 5 zone versions, for 1, 2, 3 or 5 day lengths. Nearly all Paris Metro train cars require a rider to use a lever or a button to manually open the train car door. After buying Paris Metro tickets from ticket windows or ticket machines make your way to the closest fare gates or turnstiles. Show your ticket to an employee at a ticket window or information booth for help in this case, saying your ticket does not work. This changed when the Navigo Day Pass was introduced which did cover CDG Airport / Orly Airport (granted you purchase 1-5 zones and 1-4 zones, respectively) and cost the same as a Ticket Mobilis 1-5 zone cards. The prices above do not include the 5€ fee for the plastic card itself, non-refundable, unlike the London Oyster card. There is an option of picking up online purchased Paris Metro tickets, but the pickup location is within central Paris at the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau offices (29 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris or Gare du Nord at 18 rue de Dunkerque 75010 Paris) which must be done between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM and not on December 25/Christmas day. RER B: Conecta o Aeroporto Charles de Gaullecom o centro de Paris. If you find yourself in the middle of the train car with your stop nearing, try to move closer to the doors during the arrival at the station before your desired stop. A ticket that is not accepted will cause the turnstile to emit a longer, lower pitched (unpleasant) buzzing noise, sometimes with a message in red indicating your ticket was not valid. Some notable large stations within Paris serving all three types of train transport include: Gare St. Lazare, Gare du Nord , Gare de l’Est, Gare de Lyon, Gare d’Austerlitz and Gare Montparnasse. There are several different Paris transit passes / unlimited ride tickets and single-use tickets for Paris Metro, bus, tram or Paris RER and specific tickets for CDG airport and Orly airports by RER or Roissybus / Orlybus as shown on the below fares sheet: Paris Metro tickets, passes (Navigo / Paris Visite) and other fares posted at Paris Metro ticket window. 3. La ligne 6 du métro de Paris est une des seize lignes du réseau métropolitain de Paris.Elle suit un parcours semi-circulaire au sud de la ville sur les anciens boulevards extérieurs, entre les stations Charles de Gaulle - Étoile à l'ouest et Nation à l'est. If your country is not on the list above, unfortunately you cannot buy Paris Metro tickets online for home delivery from the Paris Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. See also category: Paris Metro. Le métro de Paris, exploité par la RATP, comporte 16 lignes numérotées de 1 à 14, y compris les lignes 3bis et 7bis, dont la longueur totale est d'environ 220 km. The price of online Paris Metro tickets is 18,60€ for adults and 8.20€ for children age 4-9, per booklet of 10 tickets, as of Nov. 1, 2019. Métro Paris Le métro de Paris est un des systèmes de transport en commun desservant la ville de Paris et son agglomération. Paris Metro tickets can be bought one day and used at any time in the future as they are validated / activated upon use (in a turnstile or fare-gate), not upon purchase. If you depict the metro lines and on a geographic map of the city, you will see a closed loop that does not represent a perfect circle. See Paris Metro ticket machines for step-by-step details on buying Paris Metro tickets from automated ticket vending machines inside central Paris or combined Metro/RER/Transilien ticket machines for buying Paris transportation tickets/passes from machines found at major Paris train stations and Paris airports. Zone 3…………………………………………………€24 Paris Metro tickets can be used at any time in the future. Most of Paris’ 300 Metro stations are located underground with a handful above ground. 2. Paris Metro Sign at Bercy – style circa 2010, Paris Metro entrance – art nouveau style – at Place d’Italie. RER C: Its destinations are Orly Airport and the Palace of Versaille. La construction du métro de Paris a été une véritable révolution dans la capitale française. Be patient and don’t panic. Every Paris Metro/RER ticket vending machine accepts Visa/Mastercard credit cards (not AMEX), Carte Bleu (French debit card), foreign chip-enabled debit cards, and Euro coins (2€, 1€, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05 Euro coin denominations). Bravo aux auteurs pour tous les détails dans cette ingéniosité, pour la construction de notre Métro Parisien, car à l'époque de sa conception, See the Paris Navigo pass article for details on using a Navigo on turnstiles & fare gates. Be sure to keep your Metro ticket with you until you complete your journey and exit your final destination Metro station. Navigo reserved gates often have a sticker on the front indicating that no paper coupon Metro tickets can be used. This next section shows how to buy tickets for Paris Metro at ticket machines, staffed ticket windows and how to buy Paris Metro online tickets (with a delivery fee). 1. Guides on Paris Airport trains, Paris Disneyland train and Paris train stations, History, facts and figures of the Paris Metro (wikipedia, en français ), Paris Regional Transport Authority, RATP (partial site available in in English ). This is done through either a lever (older) or a button (newer) on the door itself near the center of the two sliding doors of a Metro car. To buy Paris Metro tickets online, you can visit the website of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. Keep in mind that non-smart chip credit cards will not work at either the automated ticket machines nor at ticket windows, thus Euro cash or coin would be required. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. This includes times of first train / last train of Paris RER A (Disneyland) and RER B (airport). Le réseau Métropolitain de Paris est composé de 16 lignes de métro desservant au total plus de 300 stations de métro situées sur Paris et sa banlieue. Plan Ligne 1 du métro … After the turnstile has been unlocked/opened with your ticket inserted into the front slot, you will need to retrieve your validated ticket from the top of the barrier machine. Download a Paris Metro timetable showing first and last Paris Metro trains. 2. The Pass Navigo Découverte week pass is not available from automated ticket vending machines. Some Metro stations are joined with large train stations (“gare”) serving other types rail transport such as intercity surface trains and RER regional express trains which travel both above and below ground. Après avoir observé Paris sous un autre angle, nous avons créé un plan original des lignes de métro, RER et tramways. 2. Exploité par la Régie autonome des transports parisiens (RATP), il comporte seize lignes, essentiellement souterraines, totalisant 225,1 kilomètres,. But for longer journeys, the Métropolitain de Paris is the preferred mode of transportation.. With 14 lines, 380 stations, and more than 211 km or 131 miles of track, the Paris underground is Europe's second-largest subway system--and that's without including the RER, a commuter-rail network that is integrated with the Métro. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. After having arrived at your desired station you can make your way out of the station by following the blue “Sortie” signs. It connects Balard in the southwestern part of Paris to Pointe du Lac station in the southeastern suburbs, following a parabolic route on the Rive Droite of the Seine. More info on choosing a Paris Metro pass and choosing what tickets to buy. Physically it’s a coupon of about the same size as the Paris Metro Ticket t+. Il faut y ajouter les lignes de RER A et B, également gérées en grande partie par la RATP. The photo below shows Metro Line 4 in direction of Porte d’Orleans with 4 minutes remaining till the next train arrives. Most stations and Paris Metro lines are not handicap accessible save for a few exceptions . Le métro de Paris vous permet de vous déplacer facilement par les transports en commun en utilisant les lignes de … Paris Métro Line 8 (French: Ligne 8 du métro de Paris) is one of the sixteen lines of the Paris Métro. If you are intercepted by a ticket controller without your validated ticket or Navigo pass, you will be fined on the spot for 35€ for having a valid, but non-validated ticket (i.e. On occasion the Metro car doors can be sticky and do not slide open fully to let you enter. The outer ends of Metro line 13 which splits into two separate lines in the outskirts, late night trains can run as slow as every 13 minutes as trains alternate between each end, effectively halving the frequency of train service. To exit the fare paid zone within stations you’ll either pass through exit turnstiles (look for green lights on the face of the turnstiles or for open gates) or through doors opened by pressure plates or infrared sensors. To take advantage of the discount at the attractions, simply present your Paris Visite ticket during its validity period (which you must mark on the ticket itself using a pen, along with your first & last name). The « metro » word comes from the « Métropolitain » (i.e. If you’ll be traveling strictly within central Paris, zones 1 & 2 cover the entire Metro system, and a 1-2 zone Ticket Mobilis is the recommended ticket. Route options under “Criteria” can be chosen for fewest connections, least amount of walking and quickest route (the default). They will usually open a wheelchair accessible gate for you to pass through. Le plan du métro de Paris est un plan représentant les lignes et stations du métro de Paris, en France. The other Metro station entrances will have ticket machines and fare gates / turnstiles for pass card & ticket holders to enter without human staff nearby to help. Completed Navigo Decouverte card 2019 with photo & name. The basic Paris Metro ticket is the Ticket t+. Paris metro is mainly underground. Les lignes du RER sont caractérisées par les lettres : A, B, C, C et E; les lignes les plus intéressantes d’un point de vue touristique étant les trois premières. Buy Paris Visite Online – You can buy Paris Visite tickets online for home delivery through the Paris Visitor Bureau website, but I wouldn’t recommend it due to the delivery cost. Cloudflare Ray ID: 60f52eb75e52dbdf Exploité par la Régie autonome des transports parisiens (RATP), il comporte seize lignes en site propre, essentiellement souterraines, totalisant 219,9 kilomètres. But, I can’t imagine why you’d purchase Paris Visite online to have it delivered to the Paris Visitor Bureau, in Paris, which would require a Metro ride in itself, a trip that would likely take 90 minutes round-trip from your hotel. Children from ages 4 to 9 years old (inclusive) can use reduced fare tickets, which are available only in books of 10, for 7.45€ per book of ten. Books of ten, called a “carnet” [kar-nay], are sold at a discount for 16.90€ or 14.90€ if put on Navigo Easy (1.69€ / 1.49€ each, a little under 20% off the regular fare). The ticket slot should be on your righthand side while inserting the ticket. 3. The zones visible on some older Paris Metro / RER maps are for RER trains which are subject to fare zones. Paris Metro tickets have no expiry; You can use them at any time in the future. 3. Your validated ticket will be located past the purple card reader, where there is a rectangular depression in the metal and a dark area, which has the ticket exit slot and a little mechanical rotating sign that will read: “Reprenez votre ticket” / “Retrieve your ticket”. You could just purchase the Paris Visite at any Metro ticket machine or ticket window, anywhere in Paris, at CDG/Orly airports or at any of the major intercity train stations throughout Paris. W alking is the most scenic way to explore Paris. Keep in mind that the train arrival times posted on these signs are only estimates and are not always accurate. This coupon and paper card has been replaced by the new contactless smart cards known as the Navigo Pass and Navigo Découverte Pass (for non-residents of France). If you arrive Monday to Thursday, Navigo Découverte week pass is nearly always your best option. Commonly asked questions will be reposted here. Some Paris Metro trains are completely automated, without a driver/conductor, with automatically opening doors and in some stations, gates on the train station platform which close and open in sync with the Metro train car doors. Le métro de Paris est aujourd'hui l'un des plus célèbres systèmes de métro dans le monde, … Street maps are posted throughout central Paris providing information on the local district (“arrondissement”). Now that you’ve got tickets and passed through Paris Metro turnstiles & gates we’ll show you the physical details on how to ride a Paris Metro train such as opening train car doors, etiquette on boarding, exiting train when arriving at your Metro stop, seating and more, to help you ride the Metro like a Parisien. Upon inserting your Paris Metro ticket, it will be read, stamped (with a validation code) and then ejected at the top of the machine where you need to retrieve your ticket to open the gate / unlock the turnstile. If you need to use a credit card to buy Paris Metro tickets or Paris Metro pass card and the automated ticket machine doesn’t show a Visa or Mastercard symbol, then visit a ticket window to buy Metro tickets & Metro pass cards where you’ll be able to use a credit card for the purchase. Chaque ligne et tous les éléments du plan ont été repensés et présentés sous une nouvelle forme visuelle afin de permettre de tracer un parcours plus simple et aisé. Plan metro gratuit, pratique et accessible 24h/24 A noter que ce plan metro Paris est consultable depuis tout type de plateforme : PC, téléphone portable, tablette, etc. The Paris regional transit authority has phased out the name “Carte Orange” as the name of the weekly or monthly “subscriptions” that you must purchase and “add” to your Pass Navigo or Navigo Découverte Pass. Your IP: Here you can download three different Paris subway system maps to help you see all 16 Paris Metro lines and help you plan a route: a basic Paris Metro map of lines with stations and interchanges (PDF – opens a new window), a condensed small format Paris subway map. If your ticket appears to have been accepted, yet the gate has not swung open, be sure you have retaken your ticket from the top of the machine and that you’re standing near enough to the gates in order to trip the visual sensor. To understand whether the line is going in the direction you wish to travel, you should refer a Paris Metro map, which are posted near station entrances and on all train platforms. Also, don’t walk up to red color fare gates which are open by default, expecting to get past without using your Metro ticket or Navigo card. Paris Metro times between trains range from 2 minutes during rush hour up to 13 minutes during late night hours, holidays, and Sundays, depending on the Metro line and the Metro station. Have a question? Starting from Friday, week passes for the following week are on sale. relating to a big city). Mon premier film dans qualité HD! Carte Orange was previously a physical coupon like ticket (much like the Ticket Mobilis) and paper nominative photo card that is now no longer in use. STIF: Les Chiffes, 2005. If you’re using Paris Metro Ticket t+… don’t use these turnstiles / fare gates. Simply say “Excusez-moi” and people will immediately begin making room for you to alight, even if it requires that they descend the train also, just to let you off. • The newest machines accept Visa Mastercard tap to pay option as well, visible as the yellow pad. To find your way to the correct platform in the correct direction requires that you to keep a mindful eye on signs posted throughout the pedestrian tunnels. You don’t want to walk up to a Navigo-card-only “reserved” gate holding a paper ticket, which won’t be accepted, while a horde of hurried Parisians wait impatiently behind you to pass through and you are forced to apologize & weave your way back out past them to a line up for a different gate that will accept paper tickets. During busy hours on the Paris Metro, passengers are expected to move towards the center of the train car in order to make more space for passengers wanting to board the train car. Métro de Paris Ligne 1 La ligne 1 du métro de Paris est la ligne la plus fréquentée du réseau métropolitain puisqu'elle traverse la capitale d'Ouest en Est de La Défense jusqu'au Château de Vincennes à l'Est. Online purchased Metro tickets are 10% more expensive than at Paris transport ticket windows in the city. You want to be close to the doors for your exit, but not right in front as you would block those who need to exit/enter at this stop. The Paris RER (Réseau Express Régional) is a commuter train system that covers much of the greater metropolitan area of Paris (Ile-de-France ), much further out than that covered by the Metro, including specifically both Paris Airports: Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris-Orly (ORY) , Disneyland® Paris, and Chateau Versailles. RER B: Comunica el Aeropuerto Charles de Gaullecon el centro de París. Une compilation de quelqeus métros à Paris. Don’t be surprised if you end up completely pressed up against other passengers. La red de cercanías de París tiene cinco líneas, más de 250 estaciones y casi 600 kilómetros de vías. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. This puts you in a better position to exit the train when your Metro stop arrives. American Express / Amex is not accepted for Paris train tickets at vending machines nor ticket windows. Paris Metro ticket machine Navigo card reader recharge pads are often circular and purple like in the below photo: Navigo card reader recharge pad on Paris Metro ticket vending machine. The Paris metro is a rapid transit system serving Paris and its neighboring suburbs in the Ile-de-France region. 1. You can buy Navigo for use in the current week from ticket windows at most Paris Metro, RER and large train stations up until Thursday 11:59 PM. Instead, stand where the fold-down seats would otherwise be. Prices for duration and zones are as follows (updated as of Aug 1, 2019): The Carte Paris Visite is a multi-use paper ticket coupon (similar to a Ticket Mobilis or Ticket t+). For example, Metro line 1 time between trains ranges from 2 minutes in morning/evening rush hours to every 5 minutes after midnight (Metro Line 1 is arguably the most central & popular Paris Metro line). Paris Metro, RER, Bus, Tram Ticket Vending machines. est une __ Paris est une fete ? La ligne 1 est par la suite automatisée en 2011. As of Nov. 1, 2019 the delivery fee for online Paris Metro tickets is 12€ for delivery to a hotel in Paris. Within a Paris Metro station, Paris Metro tickets (but not all pass cards) can always be purchased from automated vending Metro ticket machines. Using a Paris Metro ticket, the Ticket t+, is permitted on the RER, but only to the limits of Zone 1, the true center of Paris, bordered by the ring road surrounding it, the Boulevard Periphérique. Zone 2…………………………………………………€22 This express train has five lines (A, B, C, D and E), over 250 stations and runs over 365 miles of track. To operate the lever, take hold of the handle that points toward you and rotate the lever upwards to unlatch the train car door. Underneath the green arrow can be a sticker reading: NaviGO, showing that this turnstile also accepts Navigo pass cards, which are used by holding the Navigo card on the top of the ticket slot device, where a large purple circular reading pad is located (see image further below). The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau online Paris Metro ticket sales have a delivery fee which is substantial. Paris airports are accessible via the RER train system, rather than the Paris Metro. Stations are marked with various styles of signs as shown below. Nearly all train platforms have overhead signs showing the time remaining till the next two trains arrive at the station, denoted in minutes. It is 210 […] In other words, it doesn’t make much sense to purchase Paris Metro tickets online, fly into Paris and then have to pick up Metro tickets in Central Paris which would require you to visit a Paris public transportation ticket office beforehand where you could buy the exact same Metro tickets for 10% cheaper than you can online. Basic Paris Metro tickets are known as “Ticket t+”. Les autres lignes de RER sont gérées par la SNCF. If you arrive Friday to Sunday Navigo Day Pass, Mobilis day ticket, Paris Visite tickets are other options to consider. The Paris Metro is a single zone (even if some lines reach into zone 3). Below you’ll get Paris subway maps, hours, info on tickets, day passes & Navigo week passes, zones and learn how to use the Paris Metro in this first of a series of articles. To determine which exit is best for you refer to an exit map located within the Metro station, usually just after exiting the fare paid zone. Metro Line 14 is a notable exception being completely automated and driver-less. Paris Metro hours change very little year-to-year and the RATP has stopped producing this full schedule in 2013 so this timetable of Metro Paris times is still useful to find Paris Metro opening hours and closing time. (Navigo Découverte is for visitors while the Navigo Pass with a photo & name of owner is for local residents). These tickets are sold as single one-way fares or in books of 10. 3. Below is a photo of typical Paris Metro fare gates which separates public spaces from areas reserved for Metro ticket & Navigo pass card holders. These maps can be useful in locating nearby Metro stations. Metro des banlieues de paris Metro de paris; Exploitante du metro de paris; Station de métro à paris; Paris outragé ! Read more about Paris Metro Tickets and transfers allowed. There are a variety of Paris Metro tickets to buy and several Paris Metro Pass options shown in detail below. Direction of travel is always denoted by the terminus station, the last station or stop on the line, rather than magnetic pole directions such as north, south, east, west. El Metro de París es una buena opción para moverse de un punto a otro, ya que hay numerosas líneas y bocas de metro por toda la ciudad (¡más de 300!). Navigo Easy also holds Navigo Day Passes and tickets for Roissybus and Orlybus. This photo shows the multitude of exits and lines available for both the Metro and the RER at the world’s largest underground station: Chatelet Les Halles. The online Paris Metro ticket sales are sold in booklets of 10 Metro tickets. Ticket Mobilis is available in various fare zone coverage from 1-2 zones to 1-5 zones. The RATP offers a route planner via their website which can use street addresses, station names or well known locations to create a travel itinerary for you, including necessary connections and total travel time. La RATP, qui exploite le métro de Paris, utilise plusieurs types de plans pour le représenter. Children 3 and under ride for free. To purchase the pass Navigo Découverte you will be required to present and attach a face photo measuring 3cm tall x 2.5cm wide to the paper nominative card that comes in addition to the plastic smart-card. The single ticket price as of Nov. 1, 2019 is 1.90€. 2. Be careful with … Times are approximate! You will only receive the white paper Paris Visite ticket itself. Paris Metro or Paris Subway The Paris metro is a synonym for the Paris subway network. Buy the mobile version and support this free game! The entire Paris underground is one zone, unlike the Paris RER trains which have zones & different fares per zones traveled. Week long tickets are sold in the form of plastic contactless smartcards known as a Navigo Pass or more precisely the Navigo Decouverte Pass. a ticket that wasn’t put through a ticket reading machine on the turnstile or fare gate) or 50€ for not producing any valid ticket at all. Keep in mind that Paris Metro stations often have several entrances and a manned ticket office is usually only open at one of those entrances at any given time. On the metro map you will find indication of accessibility. Ne vous inquiétez pas si vous ratez votre station, … In this case a firm pull to the side with your hand on the door itself in the direction it was attempting to travel, will usually suffice to open the train car door the rest of the way. RER A: Comunica Disneyland Paríscon el centro de la ciudad. Bon regard!-----A compilation of some metro's / subways in Paris. Las líneas del RER se nombran con letras: A, B, C, D y E. Las más interesantes desde el punto de vista turístico son las tres primeras. Due to traffic congestion and rider issues minutes may be added or subtracted at any moment. Each exit is usually referred to by the street or landmark upon which it exits. Discounts to attractions in and around Paris are included with the Paris Visite card. Paris Metro Simulateur Subway Simulator. You can also buy Paris Metro tickets from personnel staffed ticket windows at any Paris Metro station. Fold-down seats are available just inside Metro train car doors (called strapontins), but these seats should only be used when there is sufficient space for travelers to easily enter and exit the train car. In 2019 Paris introduced a ticket card called Navigo Easy which holds digital single-use Paris Metro tickets. These signs are also a way to verify that you’re on the correct line, heading in the correct direction. The contactless smart card and the paper card must be carried together to be valid for travel. For USA/Canada/Australia/Japan (anywhere overseas) the cost of delivery is 24€ through DHL Express. At each subterranean intersection you will see Metro line numbers and possibly station names which are used to denote direction of travel. Consultez le plan metro de Paris et Ile-de-France, présentant le plan RATP du réseau de transport, les stations et les lignes. If you want a return ticket, you simply buy two Metro tickets. Paris Metro hours run from roughly 05:30 to 00:40 (5:30am – 12:40am) Sunday thru Thursday and 05:30 – 01:40 on Fridays, Saturdays and on days before a holiday. Un important projet, le Grand Paris Express, est mis en chantier à partir de 2015 et prévoit la réalisation de 200 km de lignes supplémentaires d'ici 2030. Metro Paris lines are numbered from 1 to 14 with two “bis” or secondary lines 3b and 7b. Here is a complete list of countries & delivery fees that online purchased Paris Metro tickets can be delivered to: Zone 1…………………………………………….€14.50 El Metro de París es una red de ferrocarril metropolitano que da servicio a la ciudad francesa de París y a algunas comunas limítrofes. On the opposite side of this platform will be another sign of exact same color and number, but the direction will be marked as Porte de Clignancourt, the opposite direction. À l'approche de l'exposition universelle de 1900, la première ligne voit le jour. The blue square pad to the right of the PIN pad is a Navigo reader, used for recharging Navigo cards. . As linhas são chamadas: A, B, C, D e E.As mais interessantes do ponto de vista turístico são as três primeiras. Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Emirates, Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Martinique, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Reunion, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. RER A : Relie Disneyland Parisau centre de la ville. Paris fare zones apply to the RER train system, unlike the Metro and there are five of them. Pay special attention to the overhead signs and the system maps posted on the platform walls to ensure you’re on the correct platform. Paris Metro Platform platform direction & stations. On average, expect 8-10 minutes between train times in the late evening and 2-4 minutes during rush hours. (Non-express city buses means 2x-3x travel time.) Rush hour travel on the Paris Metro is a chance to exercise your “personal space” limits. A rede de trens de Paris tem cinco linhas, mais de 250 estações e quase 600 quilômetros de vias. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Metropolitano de Paris Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. (Orlyval train is still excluded from use of any multi-use ticket except Paris Visite.)

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